About Me

I wear lots of hats.
I'm a recent graduate from the College of William & Mary, an aspiring documentarist, and a rugby player.
I got my start in media in my high school's television production program, where I learned to edit on Avid Media Composer - not an easy task.  I picked up Adobe Premiere Pro and other parts of the creative suite as I moved to college and have been primarily editing on that since, although I firmly believe that the art of editing is in knowing what you want to do--finding out how to do it comes secondary.
My short documentary, entitled The Bruises We're Proud Of combined my love of athletics with my love of filmmaking; I was able to shed light on a handful of experiences from female rugby players.  I'm currently in the process of creating a feature length documentary.
I like carbs. I currently have 3 jobs and am on the grind, but I wouldn't change how I got here for a second.

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